World's First Android GO Phone

Alcatel Reveals the World’s first Android GO phone.Last spring, Google said it was taking another shot at reworking Android to keep it running fast and smooth on lower-end devices. The initiative was called Android GO, and the Alcatel is very first one running it. It’s called the Alcatel 1X.

1X is a low-end phone, and it’s not must different from a typical Android phone. I am not taking about the software features here, I am talking about the design and some basic functionality of the phone. Stay tuned as we’ll have more impressions on Android GO throughout the week, but Alcatel hasn’t given us a thrilling first look.

The first unit of the 1X that was tried out was so sluggish as to feel broken. The app drawer stuttered every time it was flung open, the camera couldn’t hold an image properly, and I somehow watched the dialer render from low to high res after it opened. I didn’t know that was possible.

Than decided to take trial of second unit of the 1X just to see if all was the same, and for some reason, that unit was working much better, despite there being no apparent hardware differences — there was still stuttering all over the interface, but the phone was at least fairly quick about getting through it. The experience wasn’t exactly good, but it at least didn’t feel broken.

Alcatel Android Go


  • Phone comes with Quad-core MediaTek processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 16GB Storage
  • 5.3-inch 960×480 display
  • Without 18:9 aspect ratio


  • No fingerprint sensor
  • Typical Software layout
  • Minor freezing issues

The phone will launch in April for €100 for a single-SIM variant and €110 for a dual-SIM variant.

When the more info available about this device We upadte it here or any other information we get about Android Go you see update you on our homepage .



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