Apple is using LCD,s for a Very long time. Even the LCD Screens were used in the latest iPhone 7 and an iPhone 8.
Apple is Using the OLED display in its newly Launched iPhone X, You might be Shocked by this reality that Samsung started to Use the OLED Technology in their mobile phones from the start of their Galaxy series (almost
seven years ago). Thus, we can say that Apple can Level the sales of Samsung and other Big mobile Brands even By using the Old Technologies. But there are also some interesting and unique features of iPhone that makes it different from other mobile phone Brands. Samsung vs Iphone - A Short Comparison Between their Mobile Phone

 SAMSUNG vs iPhone

Sales in previous Year:
If we compare the Apple sales with the Samsung sales we will come to know that in the Previous Year 2017, iPhone was the most popular among the Tech Products. The shocking news is that the Samsung was completely failed to come nearby the selling rates to iPhone

Design Comparison:
if we compare the designs of iPhone and Samsung by Considering their Latest mobile phone we see that Samsung S6 is generally compared to iPhone 6. In the Latest iPhone 6, the design is not much cool as compared to the Samsung Galaxy S6. We can easily track the Bezel in the iPhone 6 as well as in Samsung S6 But the Galaxy S6 is considered to be with fewer bezels

The most Latest Mobile From Apple is iPhone X which come with a price range of $999. On the Other hand, the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9+ is the Latest mobiles from Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy S9 comes in $719.99 and S9+ come in $839.99. If we Compare both Mobiles here Samsung has the Advantage of Low Range which may help it in Attracting an audience.

Camera Performance:
In the case of Camera Performance Samsung is beaten by iPhone. Apples iPhone has a Better Camera Quality as Compared to the Samsung Galaxy Series. People liked and preferred the Apple iPhone camera Performance on Samsung Mobile Phones. As both have a Level Camera but Still iPhone is better in case of the camera.

Ram and Internal Storage:
On the Comparison of Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone 7, we will found that the Samsung is more Better than iPhone. In the Galaxy S8 the Ram is 4 Gb,s But in iPhone, we Find only 2 Gb,s of Ram. If we compare the Storage both the Mobiles come in the range of 64 Gb,s, and 32 Gb,s.

If we Compare the Battery capacity and the Battery Timings of the Phones Samsung is again in the Lead. The comparison of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone 7 result,s in a low Battery capacity of iPhone 7. Galaxy S8 comes with 3000mAh of battery and iPhone 7 comes with only 1960mAh of Battery.

Weight and Software:
If the Samsung S8 and iPhone 7 are compared according to the Weight, iPhone is in the Lead. The Weight of Galaxy S8 is 155g and of iPhone 7 is only 138g. Galaxy S8 is Android 7.0 Nougat and iPhone 7 is iOS 10


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