MSG files are the single Outlook email files. It happens many times that a user saves old Outlook emails in MSG format and now does not know how to open Outlook MSG file. This post deals with the best possible solution in order to provide the answer to the question how to read MSG file in Windows 10 and below versions.

Consider the following user queries to understand this issue to open MSG file problem more clearly.

Mathew Boyd: “I have been working on Windows 7 operating system and I do not know how to view MSG files in Windows 7. I think no manual workaround exists for this problem and I am not very updated regarding different available software in the market. Can you please help me to find a hassle-free solution? Thanks in advance.

Opal Berry: “I am a forensic investigator and I found an MSG file as an evidence and I do not know how to open it. Also, Microsoft Outlook is not installed on my laptop. Is there any way to study the content of this MSG file when Outlook environment is not present? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Manual Approach to Open Outlook MSG File

To view MSG file in the local system, users need to change the extension of the file. In simpler words, extension .msg should be changed to .html. Once the extension of the file is changed, Outlook MSG can be viewed and opened in any of the web browsers.

Follow these steps to change the extension of MSG files:

  1. Choose the desired MSG email file.
  2. Navigate to the tab File, select the option of Save as Alternative and then select HTML file extension.

Using this Manual method MSG files can be viewed, but this approach is not helpful when it comes to converting the attachment files. This makes it really very difficult for the users to open Outlook MSG file.

Warning: This manual technique to view MSG file will not enable the users to convert the messages. This method is only suitable when it is required to view the header and body of Outlook MSG email by transforming it to HTML file type.

Limitations of the Manual Solution

The manual method to open Outlook MSG file is associated with some of the limitations as well. These are stated as follows:

  • It becomes quite difficult to open multiple emails at a time. This approach to view MSG file generates the preview of header and body of a single email. When it comes to opening multiple MSG files, this method is not considered as a good option.
  • In case, the number of emails is large, the process will become very lengthy and time-consuming.

Professional Solution to Open Outlook MSG File Without Outlook

The limitations of Manual solution can be overcome using an automated tool like SysTools MSG Viewer Tool. According to the experts, it is the master solution to open, read, and examine Outlook MSG files. This product is of great importance in the field of forensic investigation. With the help of this utility, all the MSG files can be opened. Some of the features which make this product unique are discussed below:

  • The software equips the user to open and view MSG files along with the attachments
  • Multiple styles for viewing files: Normal, Hex, message header, HTML, RTF, property
  • Advance search option facilitates the user to search within MSG files and attachments
  • The interface resembles Microsoft Explorer to auto-locate Outlook MSG folders and files
  • To open Outlook MSG file, Microsoft Outlook environment is not necessary
  • The tool is compatible with Windows 10 operating system and other below versions

The Final Verdict

With the help of workaround approach, a user can easily open Outlook MSG file. The only problem with this is that the attachments cannot be seen with the help of this manual approach. So, to resolve these issues, an automated tool is also explained in this blog. This utility saves time and provides very accurate and efficient results.


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