Sony Going to Offer DSLR Like ISO Levels in It's First Dual Camera Phone

During a briefing on its new dual camera smartphones, Sony gave us some information on a future device and a new technology it’s working on, called the Fusion Image Signal processor. It’s a mouthful but its impact on smartphones could prove somewhat groundbreaking.

As part of a dual camera setup coming to a future smartphone before the end of this year .The new Fusion Image Signal processor will allow image capture in extremely dark conditions.

Some captivating features Sony going to provide will be:-

  • 960 fps Full HD video recording-

It’s an incredible feat for any camera in a smartphone, as normally only extremely expensive rig can do video in this frame rate. The recordings capped out at 720p resolution, which wasn’t terrible, but hardly ideal in an industry shift  towards 4K.

  • Reactive vibration motor-

Sony wants to take this one step further, redesigning its vibration motor to react with movies, music, games, and other media. The company wants you to be more immersed in your media, and this does a great job.

  • Updated 3D imaging-

Sony also increased the quality of these models, giving more detail to the objects you create with the camera. Even the front-facing camera produces much cleaner 3D models, which should look great when transferred to modeling programs. This is quite a niche feature and most users probably wont use it, but it could rapidly speed up the workflow of a 3D artist.

  • 10-bit 4K HDR video recording-

In 2017, a huge amount of video producers moved to Panasonic GH5 because it could record 10-bit 4K video. Very few cameras can do this, which makes Sony putting it in a phone so incredible. No other phone can do this currently. You can play this video on any HDR-capable panel. YouTube now supports HDR content as well, which means this feature could end up being incredibly valuable for people looking to produce content for that platform.

  • Dual front speakers and internal DAC-

Sony has fitted this device with dual front-facing speakers to give you the best audio experience possible. This is coupled with an internal DAC, which enhances the audio quality of your music and videos.

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It’s not clear what else the new smartphone will offer, but Sony’s been listening to customer feedback and making gradual changes to its product lineup.


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