Mobile Phones Will Now Be Slimmer With This New iSim Technology

iSim –> In this modern era were we are running super fast and the only competitor which is way ahead of us is Smartphone technology.YES this smartphone technology is only thing that has totally revolutionised our way of living and due to this lightning fast speed of smartphone technology. Our smartphones are getting slimmer day by day and R&D depatments of various big mobile companies are spending millions of dollars to save even few millimeters of space and the company that has came up with the idea first is ARM .According to ARM they are thinking of removing sim card slots from your phone and are trying to embbed your sim on your mobile phone Processors and by doing this they will succeed in making our smart phones more slimmer and light-weight and this technique will also reduce the cost of your mobile phone this technology is called as iSim by ARM .According current SIM standard — Nano SIMs — are about 12.3 x 8.8mm in size, not including the hardware usually needed to house them.
According first of all they will use this technology of small IOT sensors that require mobile networks to send their data to their user but there remains one question here: whether phone companies will approve of this new technology. Phone makers already have a Nano SIM alternative — a small chip, measuring 6 x 5mm, known as an eSIM — that’s been slow to gain support in the industry. eSIMs have increasingly been showing up in tablets and wearables though, and recently Google’s latest Pixel smartphone, so it may just be a matter of time before it takes off more widely.
ARM suspects that this isim technology will be automaticaly accepted by phone carriers when they will use IOT devices working on this isim technology
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