MIUI 10 Or MIUI X? The Choice Of Xiaomi Users Is Clear

MIUI 9 Just Complete The Full List Of Official Updates, I Didn’t Expect MIUI 10 .

On January 23, Hong Mei, Head Of MIUI, Formally Announced The Establishment Of The MIUI 10 Project, The Next Step Is The Regular Process Of Product Planning, Product Development And Product Release, Which Are Expected To Take At Least Six Months .

Prior To This, Xiaomi Has Made It Clear That The “MIUI 10” This Name, It Seems That Everything Has Been Set .

Xiaomi Today Proposed Because “10” Is A Rather Special Version Of The Next Generation MIUI called “MIUI 10” Or “MIUI X“, The Xiaomi Official’s Has Not Yet Decided .

That’s Why MIUI Official WeChat Public Number Launched A Polls, Would Like To Hear The Views Of Xiaomi Users .

The Current Situation And Polls Results Says That, MIUI 10 Apparently More Favored By The Xiaomi Users, Voted In More Than 180,000 People, 63% Xiaomi Users Choose It .

MIUI 10 Or MIUI X Polls Results

MIUI 10 or MIUI X Polls Result

Xiaomi Users Proposed, Can Not Only Consider 10, But Also Take Into Account 11,12, Can Not Be Made Later .

There Are Also Xiaomi Users That If It Is Coz Of The Apple iPhone X’s Sake, As Long As It Is Not Called What MIUI X Will Do, The Chinese People Do Not Need To Fly The Wind Things Apple, Will Cause Misunderstanding That Others Are In The Brand Hot Spots .

There Xiaomi Users That MIUI 10 Is More Appropriate, Coz It Represents A Mi System Series, At A Glance, X Is More Suitable For Smartphone Models .

In Addition To These Two Names, Another Xioami User Proposed MIUI Ten Opinion, Looks Like A Plus, Meaning Has Been Working Hard, It Is Also Very Interesting .

Hope You Like This Amazing Info And You Can Also Share Your Views With Us What You Think About MIUI 10 Or MIUI X? Write Down In Comments Below If You Think Any Other Name You Can Also Share Your Own With Us .


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