Microsoft HOLOLENS A Next Generation Wearable Computer

If you have not heard about Microsoft’s newest product, the HOLOLENS, prepare to be awestruck. The HOLOLENS is a wearable computer; it fits inside a pair of glasses that look like a pair of safety glasses on steroids. However, the HOLOLENS is much, much more than merely a simple computer that you wear in a pair of glasses: the HOLOLENS is a holographic computing marvel of technology.

This mixed reality product can revolutionize our futures because till now we have just heard or (some of you may have ) used virtual reality products like playing games in VR but wait here are some uses of HOLOLENS

1.Ever thought one day you will be watching NBA and by just saying name of the player playing in that game you will gather all his stats in front of your eyes in a hologram .

2. AND if you are driving your car and while driving in your car you want to know about
the health of your heating car engine and by just moving your hand you will get a hologram of complete engine with complete details of each part of engine So that you can get off from you car and make  changes to it .

3.IDF (Israel Defence forces) have started making use of use of HOLOLENS in battlefield with the help of this officers of force will be able to control the drones to drop boms and provide para-medics to injured soldiers of ISRAEL Defence force and amazingly OFFICER controlling this drone will not be using any remotes but instead they will be controlling them with the help of gestures and voice commands because they will be watching HOLOGRAPHIC images of drone live .

4. RENAULT SPORTS CIO has made a statement saying that HOLOLENS can be used to by audience watching a F1 race and they will be able to get stats of drivers in race with help of their voice commands and their gestures .

So concluding things up start to imagine days when you will be using your holographic computers to close your computer programs without the use of conventional keyboard and mouse and day when you just want to read your favourite writer’s E BOOK on WEEKEND but don’t want to open up your laptop now YOU can by just the help of gestures and voice commands and console(HOLOLENS) in front of EYES

And the most amazing thing is these HOLOLENS are now out in market 🙂


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