The Internet has now become the need of the hour. Decades ago, the internet was considered to be a luxury, But nowadays it is a necessity. Many of the people earn their livelihood from the internet. Many people gain a lot of information with the help of internet. If we need any help in any field in our life we can search over the internet. Only due to the internet the world has now become a Global Village. It helped us to reduce distances. Through the internet, we can make audio and video calls with the people on the internet. The fields of Online Marketing, Trade, Shopping, and Banking is now improving and covering a large audience over the internet. There is a fact that 1% of the total amount of the world,s population is an internet addict, which is really a great amount of audience. There are many areas in the world that are still not having the facility of internet. Google takes it seriously and starting a project named Project Loon.

Internet Through Balloons Interesting Technology

Generally for providing the facility of internet Towers are used which may cover a large distance, As high the tower goes the more area it covers and more people are facilitated by the internet. So, the researchers thought that if they invent the machine that may go high up in the atmosphere may help to spread the internet throughout the world. So from there, the Balloon Internet was invented which can provide internet to the unknown areas of the World. These Balloons can go up to the Stratosphere in the atmosphere and send a signal through transmitters fixed inside them. These Balloons have a lifetime of 2-3 years after completing their lifetime they come back to the earth and the servant may collect them and refill them to reuse them in the future. Hence the whole cycle of the Project will continue. This will become a cheap way to spread internet. Project Loon is a Google,s Pursuit that is mostly running in the stratosphere. The user should have an antenna fixed on their buildings to receive the signals directly from the Loons. The Balloons used in the project are made of Plastic and are generally 0.076 mm thick. Project Loon is from Google Constellations. The Balloons are Filled with Helium gas and are made of polythene Plastic. The Balloons use Patch antennas to send the signal to the ground Stations or to LTE users. Some smartphones which have Google Sim Cards can use these google internet services. The complete infrastructure is generally based on LTE.

People Connecting with the Project:

The first Person who was being connected and who avail the services of Project Loon was a Farmer from Newzeland who lived in a Village where the internet was not Broadcasted. By the passage of time, more people were being connected to the Balloon Internet and still a lot of people are connected to the internet through this Project. The project is appreciated worldwide and is used World Wide by alot of People.


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