If you are a loyal Yahoo Mail user who still uses this email, you must understand the risks of it. Yahoo mail has been the target of a data breach on multiple occasions, and it can happen again any time in future. Moreover, due to the increase of cyber attacks in recent time, it is important to backup all online data for extra security. Due to these reasons, Yahoo users should always have a backup of all their Yahoo emails and other data. In order to inform the users about the importance of Yahoo Mail backup, this write-up will describe reasons to save Yahoo emails on Computer. Keep reading to learn why you should backup Yahoo Mail.

Importance of Yahoo Mail Backup

Here are some of the main reasons why it is important to backup Yahoo account data.

a) Yahoo Mail Data Breach: In the history of emails, Yahoo has been the target of a data breach than any other email clients that are functioning right now. The first and foremost reason to backup Yahoo emails right now is this data breach. Due to the less protective security measures from Yahoo, credentials of all existing Yahoo users got leaked in August 2013. If your Yahoo account existed in 2013, you have been the victim too. Unfortunately, the news of data breach got out only in late 2017.

b) Smart Hacking Attack: Hackers are getting sophisticated and they are inventing unique ways to get hold of sensitive personal information. If you have exchanged your personal data through Yahoo Mail, Yahoo account hackers can get hold of this. Later, users may be asked to pay ransom in exchange for the data. If you have a backup of that data in your system, you can easily avoid paying the hackers money.

c) Unwanted Data Deletion: Though deletion helps to get rid of unnecessary data, unwanted deletion can cause trouble to us. Any user can accidentally delete any file or email that is important to them. If they want to retrieve that email within one month, it is possible. But if they become aware of the deletion after some months, it will become impossible to recover that email. To avoid these kinds of situations, local Yahoo data backup will always come handy.

d) Data Security Measure: Whether you are a Yahoo Mail user or not, you must always backup your web email data in your local system. This advice comes as a part of common data security measures from the experts. The reason is that the server may get destroyed in some natural or man-made disaster and in that case, your data will get lost forever. A backup in your hard drive will save you from losing all your Yahoo account data if any such situation occurs.

How to Backup Yahoo Mail

Since readers are now aware of the importance of Yahoo Mail backup, it is time to backup Yahoo Mail data. Many of the users do not know how to backup Yahoo Mail and there is nothing unusual in it. According to Yahoo Mail, users can print each email separately to have a backup. However, this is not a convenient way as it takes a lot of time. For quick and complete backup of Yahoo Mail, users can choose Yahoo Backup Tool. All data on Yahoo including emails, contacts, and calendar can be saved on your system with the help of this application. This tool offers options to save Yahoo emails in PST, MBOX, MSG, and EML formats. As a result, users can also export the data to other email clients too, if necessary. The tool even supports five different languages other than English, so the users can operate this software in their own language.

Concluding Words

Security of Yahoo account data should be the prime concern of the people who still use Yahoo Mail for email exchange. In this post, we have addressed the importance of Yahoo backup for this group of users. As Yahoo has been the victim of data breach quite a few times earlier, there is a possibility of such an attack again. If Yahoo users do not want to lose their important data in events like data breach, hacking attack, and natural disaster, they must backup Yahoo Mail emails immediately. One of the most commonly used Yahoo backup methods is using SysTools Yahoo Backup Tool. Users can take to help of this software to save the data in local drives and thus securing their Yahoo data.


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