How To Root Android Without Computer

Hello Welcome To The Root Android Directory Of Dzire Droid With This Method You Root Almost All Device But Some Can’t Be Root With This Method So Let’s Get Start It .

For Those New To The World of Rooting, Acquiring Root Access Essentially Grants You Elevated Permissions. With Root Access, You Are Able to Access And Modify Files That Would Normally be Inaccessible, Such As Files Stored on the /data and /system partitions. Having Root Access Also Allows You to Run an Entirely Different Class of Third-Party Applications And Apply Deep, System-Level Modifications. And by Proxy, You May Also Be Able To Access Certain Device Features That Would Otherwise Be Inaccessible or Use Existing Features In New Ways.

Lots Of Customizations You Do With The Rooted Device But Root Is Like A Open Door Money Vault So Be Careful With It .

There is a Small File in Your Android System Called SU (Switch user), Which Holds the Default User Settings. So During Rooting, The Permissions And Credentials of Your Android are Switched From That of a Normal User to Those of a Superuser. You Then Get Complete Control to Remove Anything, Add Anything, And Access Functions That You Could Not Access Before.

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Of Course, For an Average User, This Can Sound Like a Scary Process. Keeping in Mind That Rooting’ Around in Your Phone’s Core Software Might Just be a Perfect Recipe for Disaster. Well, The Precaution And Fear is Completely Valid, Because if You Make One Wrong Move, You Might End up With a Bricked Handset.

Thankfully Though, There Is An App Called KingRoot And It Makes the Whole Rooting Process a one-click Affair. The App Allows You to Root Almost Any Android Device in one click. It is Currently The Most Trusted And Safe Rooting App That Comes Both in PC and APK Installations. The Best Part is it’s Free and You Can Uninstall Any Time After You Are Done Rooting.

Step By Step Guide:

Step #1: Download and install the KingRoot app just like you would do with any normal app.

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Step #2: Launch your KingRoot app from the app listings

Step #3: If your smartphone is supported, a “Try to Root” icon will appear at the bottom of your screen. All you need is to tap in this icon and let the rooting process complete

Step #4: After a minute or two, you will see a big green tick and a success message meaning that the app has installed successfully.

Step #5: If your device is unsupported, the app will prompt you to try the KingRoot desktop version instead. To proceed, just follow the screen instructions and prompts to successfully root your device.

Step #6: Restart your android device

Step #7: Now you can replace, delete, add or chance any apps and permissions that you wish.

Download Links Are Here:

⇓ Download Latest Kingroot Version ⇓

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Source: XDA Kingroot


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