Google Chrome 62 Update Will Tighten Up The Security

All the pages using HTTP protocol will be declared “not secure” by Chrome 62 update to be launched on october 24,this started with Chrome 56 update by Google in January 2018 by Mentioning few HTTP page’s as “not secure” .Chrome 56 just mentioned “not secure” to few login pages that were using HTTP protocol and because in HTTP protocol when user send some data they entered to that insecure website it is not encrypted while it is transfered from user to web server of that website and it can be exploited by hackers with the help of ” MAN IN THE MIDDLE ATTACK” and some other hacking attacks .

Google Chrome 62 Update Will Tighten Up The Security

Due to the move made by google in January to mention “NOT SECURE” on some web pages .Website  owners will be forced to take SSL/TSL certificate for their web servers to get HTTPS encryption as this HTTPS protocol makes data secure by adding encryption layer to sensitive data that users send to webservers and for your information this sensitive data includes your  DEBIT,CREDIT card numbers your login information some other personal data

IN the second phase of their plan execution google have mentioned that with Chrome 62 update they will mark every HTTP page as insecure.THEY said that will mark HTTP pages with red broken sign which is used for broken HTTPS connection these days

To get SSL/TSL certificate for their websites google has given 6 months time to website owners till 24 october after that their webpages with HTTP protocol will be marked as “not secure” on chrome browser which is currently used by 1 billion users in the world and if a user will see  a “not secure”  mention  on any Webpage it will try not visit that webpage to often which will ultimately lead to less traffic on their website

Other reason for this move by Google to launch their chrome 62 update was when a user enters to chrome with incognito mode it has high expectation for privacy but if they are surfing on HTTP pages they and their data is not private at all and can get them into critical position if their data is in hands of hackers having some bad intentions.


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