Every Pixel User Can Now Tell Google How to Improve

According to this thread now every Pixel-Pixel2 user can raise their voice to make Google Pixel’s user experience better Except the fact that whether you are a long time user or relatively new to Pixel world.This initiative is admired by most of people in european countries because this is the way every person (user) can contribute to Google and this is also taken as new way in which Google takes data from user :).

Google wants their user to share the problems and suggestions (they think if they were part of Pixel’s Phones).Pixel experience would have been much better and user’s will come to know whether their suggestion is feasible to google i.e whether their suggestion is important to Google with the help of Reddit’s point system also known as ‘Karma’ in reddit way(i.e more Reddit points more your suggestion is reviewed in community).

Google have also declared that they will try to have a look at every suggestion and will try to incorporate them in New Google devices.Some of the suggestions that were most viewed on Reddit thread were :-

  1. Settings you have to constantly manage (Turning Bluetooth on/off 10 times a day pixel this is very annoying .So Pixel should track our usage and should automatically turn it on/off)
  2. Settings you would love if you had found them earlier (DND feature of google pixel)
  3. Pixel should be smart enough to recognise if user is in Airplane so to switch to airplane mode automatically
  4. Pixel phones should ask user with a pop up whether they want to turn Torch on/off when it detects that user is in dark

some of the suggestions were also very funny to get to complete thread click on this reddit-google

Hope you liked this if you have any querries post them in comment section i will try to answer them all  and do share 🙂


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