Learn the Best Ways to Organize Gmail 2018 – How to

I have always loved to use Gmail and it has been my default email for last three years. Recently, I have been going through old emails and I just realized exactly how messy my Inbox looks. I think I should organize my Gmail so that I can find emails easily. What is the best ways to organize Gmail in 2018? Any help regarding this issue would be highly appreciated.”

Every new year comes with a bunch of resolutions. For some Gmail users with hyperactive mailboxes, the resolution for 2018 might be organizing their Gmail. Yes, you heard it right. A messy Gmail can affect your productivity in a subtle way. That is why most users remain unaware of the time and energy they spent in an unorganized Gmail Inbox. This post is dedicated to the readers who are badly in need of organizing their Gmail 2018. From this post, we will learn some of the best methods of organizing Gmail 2018. Prior the that, let’s learn why you should organize your Gmail Inbox today.

Importance of Organizing Gmail Mailbox Account

Though we may not give it much importance, an organized email saves your time in many ways. A sorted Gmail will spare you from getting a headache while searching emails. From an organized Gmail mailbox, it is easy to find out a particular email, or emails from any particular sender. Apart from saving your time, a well organized Gmail enhances your productivity. Now that we know the importance of having an organized Gmail in 2018, here are the methods of organizing Gmail.

How to Organize Gmail: Best Ways 2018

To sort out Gmail, you can use some features that come with Gmail itself. Here we will discuss five fabulous ways to organize your Gmail account:

1. Labels: Gmail users can categorize their emails using Labels. Navigate to the left pane of Gmail and click on More. Then click on Create New Label to create your first label in Gmail. Now, open an email and click on Labels icon. Choose the label you want to apply for that particular message. This is one of the best ways to organize Gmail 2018.

2. Tabs: Tabs is a less used feature of Gmail. Removing Tabs view can be fruitful in keeping your Gmail more organized. First of all, open Settings of your Gmail and click on Inbox tab. On the right side of Category, you will see a number of tick marked options. Remove tick mark from the boxes that you do not want to see. You can also change the default Inbox view into Unread First. Then you will see unread emails in your Inbox first and rest of the emails later.

3. Archive: Archive is a feature that allows you to keep unimportant emails in your mailbox, but out of the Inbox. Most of the Gmail users rarely utilize this feature. However, it will come handy while organizing Gmail. We all have got some emails that we do not need at the time being but may require later. You can archive such emails to keep your Inbox clean.

When you use Archive feature, Gmail stores archive marked emails to its own server. Here, we have come up with a great solution to archive Gmail mailbox items and save it locally on your PCs. For that, users can choose SysTools Gmail Backup Software. This tool will seamlessly save the selective emails from your mailbox. This program allows users to save the Gmail emails in four different file formats. These file formats are PST, MBOX, MSG, and EML. Users do not require any special technical knowledge to operate this utility. That’s why it is on the list of best ways to organize Gmail

4. Delete: This feature exists in the mailbox so that users can remove unnecessary emails out of Inbox, Sent Items, and Drafts. If you are completely sure that you will not need an email in future, delete it. In this way, your mailbox will be free from dispensable emails.

5. Simply Inbox: This is an alternative interface of Gmail offered by Google. It promises to keep absolutely zero emails in the default viewing of your Inbox. Users should not be worried as it will not delete your emails to keep Inbox free. Initially, it will provide you an overview of the email with all key information. Only when users mark an email as done after reading, it will get removed from the default view of the Inbox. Users can snooze messages and set up a reminder for appearing with income messages. If you are interested, give it a shot at Inbox.google.com.


If you are searching for the best ways to organize Gmail 2018, this write-up is the best place for you. Here, we have discussed various ways of organizing Gmail account. Users can utilize mentioned approaches for sorting out their Google Inbox. They can use Gmail Backup tool to save less important emails locally and thus free up more online space for important emails.


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