Apple Released Their iOS 11.2.6 Update To Fix Crashing Bug

Today Apple inc. released their iOS 11.2.6 update to fix a bug in iPhones that was discovered last week which includes a bug fix for Indian languages(Telugu) according to the bug founded last week this can make your iPhone freezes and user faces some problems in using apps like Facebook Messenger,WhatsApp,and SnapChat .According to resources if someone sends a simple character to iPhone it can make his or her phone crash and lock out the access to messaging apps.This bug also affects Safari,mac OS,Apple Watch and built in Messaging Apps on Apple devices.So to solve the matter Apple today realesed their their iOS 11.2.6 update for Watch OS, iPhone  and macOS   to prevent crash of Apple devices.

To make it clear take an Example of Messaging app on iPhone,if user received that character which caused problem in any  thread it would not allow Messaging app to function (it freezes the Messaging app) properly until user deletes that thread and this bug was in  Telugu language section of iPhones (i.e if user was using Telugu in his iPhone he may have faced this problem)

Apple kept their promise to provide an update before ioi 11.3 and they did so by provuding 3rd update to fix bugs in Apple devices in form of iOS 11.2.6.ALL the current betas of iOS ,macOS,tvOS also fixed this crashing problem of Apple devices.Previously Apple provided update last month that solved the issue according to which a single infected link was able to freeze your iPhone ut Apple solved this problem by providing IOS 11.2.5

To download iOS 11.2.6 update in all eligible devices go to Settings –>General –>Software Update and get you bug Fixed .

Hope You Guye Like This News If You Update It So Tell Us Your Bugs Was Fix Or Not If Not Update So Check Out Now .


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