No More Charging ! World,s First Battery Free Mobile Phone is Here…


Mobile Phones are the Need of each and every Person in the World. Only due to these Mobile Phones people are Connected to the other Peoples throughout the World. The world has now Become a Global Village by the invention of Mobile phones. In old times, the size of the phones was very big and they were very Heavy too. At that time, there were very few People who use Mobile Phones to Connect to the Outer World The reason for this was their Large Size, Heavy Weight and their Big Prices. But by the Passage of time, their Sizes was Reduced Prices were also Reasonable for People. After that Nokia Mobile Phones got viral in the Market and every Second Person got a Mobile phone at that Time. Than the Camera was Introduced and After that Touch Screen was Introduced that Smashed the whole Mobile Markets over the World.

No More Charging ! World,s First Battery Free Mobile Phone is Here...
But Nowadays, Almost every Person has smart Phone. But the main issue of each Mobile phone is Battery. People always Demand a Mobile phone that has a Good battery Timing and Supports Fast Charging. Scientists were always trying to invent the Mobile phone that has no Battery But they were not getting success in any case than, In the Research of inventing a Battery Free mobile Phone they invented a Phone that Charge with Solar Power but it still needs a Battery. The Research was Stopped. The Quality and the maintenance of the Mobile phones are always been improving By the Passage of time. Every Mobile Phone Manufacturing Company is in a Race to give a Good Quality with a Cheap Rate. But the Students of the University of Washington at That time were trying to make a Mobile Phones that Works without any Battery. Theoretically, they Proved that they can make a Mobile a Phone that would work without any battery, But still it was Proved theoretically they have to Work a lot to Prove it Practically and to tell the whole World about their Invention. And then Boom! They invented the First Mobile Phone in the World that Works without any Battery.

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No More Charging ! World,s First Battery Free Mobile Phone is Here...

The Mobile phone Don,t really Looks like a General Mobile Phone, You will think that you are Staring at a Circuit Board When you See it the First Time, It Consumes only a Few Micro-Watts of Power Which is Harvested From the Raio Waves The Researchers Told that it Took 5 Years to make Such a Mobile Phone. This Mobile Phone has No Screen, the Interesting thing is that it Contains a Headphone Jack where you can insert your Headfree,s or Headphones to experience Good Sound Quality.

Researchers Who Invented this Phone:

Vamsi Tall
Bryce Kellog
Sam Crow
Wu Meiling

Future of These Mobile phones:

This Mobile Phone is Not going to look like this in the Future the researchers are Working on this Mobile Phone to Shape it Like a Standard Mobile Phone, to Make it more Reliable and to add more Features in it. This Technology is going to Shock the Whole Mobile Market again.

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