Here,s how Xiaomi Phones are Cheaper, even with Higher Specifications


22nd July 2013, Was The Day When Xiaomi Started To Sell Their Mobile Xiaomi Phones In India At That Time, Indian Markets Was Covered By Some Other Brands Like Oppo, Vivo, Samsung Lenovo..etc. Xiaomi Launched Their First Xiaomi Phones Named “Xiaomi’s MI 3” But They Got Failed To Sell Too Many Mobile Phones And The Brand Flopped At The Start. In The November Whole Company Was Highly Disturbed When Dehli Highcourt Banned Xiaomi Company From Selling And Importing Any Mobile Phone In India. Later On, The Company Was Allowed To Sell Mobile Phones In India From The Start Of January 2015. Then The Brand Started Their Hard work And They Succeed To Rule The Whole Indian Market. The Company Got Success Because Of Their Cheap Rates Of Mobile Phones As Compared To The Other Mobile Phones. But The Question is How Xiaomi Phones Are So Cheap As Compared To The Other Mobile Phones?

Here,s how Xiaomi Phones are Cheaper, even with Higher Specifications
There Is Three Reasons Of Xiaomi, Behind Handling A Lot Of Shares In The Indian Market And How Xiaomi Is Selling Mobile Phones At A Cheap Rate.

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> The First Reason Behind The Xiaomi Company,s Success And Their Cheap Rates Includes “No Monetary Advertisements” Xiaomi Invests Very Low Amount in Advertisements. Its Very Rare To See Any Ads From Xiaomi. Xiaomi Don’t Make Any Celebrity Their Brand
Brand Ambassadors.Xiaomi Believes That The Customer is The Brand Ambassador. They Thin That If The Customer Will Like The Product He Will Automatically Promote The Product

> The Second Reason Includes “Offering Low Prices – Inviting More Sales” Let Us Take An Example Of Two Shops Which Are Selling Same Products In The Market. Both Of The Shop Keepers Pay $100 Production Cost To The Brand And They Sell The Unit At $150 But If One Of The Shop Sell The Same Unit In $120 So That He May Sell More Units
And The People Will Prefer To Buy The Product In $120. So, The Selling Rates Will  Be Balanced By The Profit. The Same Thing Is Applied By The Company That Make Him
To Sell More Units At Low Rates And Earn A Good Profit.

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> Do You Know What is The Most Expensive Part Of A Mobile Phone? It is Its Processor Xiaomi Company Has Dealed a Partnership With A Private Processor Maker Company. So, They Got The Mobile Phone Processors At A Very Cheap Rate, That Is The Main Reason That The Xiaomi Phones Have No Compromise In Quality But, They Are At A Cheap Rate.

Here,s how Xiaomi Phones are Cheaper, even with Higher Specifications

These Are Some Reasons That How The Company Built Cheap Mobile Phones Of A Good Quality
And How They Sell The Mobile Phones At A Cheap Rate As Compared To The Other Popular  Mobile Phone Brands. As We Know That Xiaomi Is A Chinese Company And They Sell Their Phones In India. But, Xiaomi Also SellS Its Mobile Phones In Russia, Korea, UAE, UK And In Many Other Big Countries.


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