Amazon Go, A Future Store With No Checkout Required

As said by the Kyle Johnson for the New York Times that there is something unusual about the Amazon’s store of the future  which will hit you right at the front door .It feels as if you are entering a subway station .Amazon Go ,allowing in only people with the store’s smartphone app.

Inside Amazon Go is an 1800 sq.feet mini market packed with the shelves of food that you can find in other convenience stores – soda,potato chips,ketchup.

Amazon Go, A Future Store With No Checkout Required

But the technology inside the Amazon Go has tucked away out of sight , enables a shopping experience like no other.Shoppers leave the store through those gates , without pausing ,their Amazon account automatically gets  charged for what they take out the door .There are no shopping carts or baskets inside the Amazon Go .Since the checkout process is automated,instead customers put items directly into the shopping bag they’ll walk out with the stuff.

Amazon Go, A Future Store With No Checkout Required

Every time customers grab an item off a shelf in Amazon Go  store the product is automatically put into the shopping cart of their online account & if customer put the item back on the shelf ,Amazon removes it from their virtual basket.

Amazon won’t say much about how the system of Amazon Go works, other than to say it involves sophisticated computer vision and machine learning software. There were a little over 3.5 million cashiers in the United States in 2016 — and some of their jobs may be in threat if the technology behind Amazon Go eventually spreads.At Amazon Go checking out feels like shoplifting.A big unanswered question is where Amazon plans to take the technology. It won’t say whether it plans to open more Amazon’s Go stores, or leave this as a one-of-a-kind novelty.

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